Badger Cull Campaign

How can organisations encourage people to take actions that can make a difference? What actions mean more than simply signing a petition in regards to social and political action? This campaign's call to action focuses on making connections, both conceptually and literally.

Student project

Screenfields_Canvas Tote Bag MockUp_BANNER_WEBSITE_cropped.png

Film Festival

Six films. One theme: Lost at Sea. A laterally-approached concept. What, apart from waves, do these films have in common? A makeshift existence, with a sinister undertone. This is illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations and handmade lettering.


Conference Centre Branding

SORA. The Japanese word that means 'sky' or 'void'. The void represents everything beyond the physical, where anything is possible. 


Annual Report

Theme Park 'Luna Land' needed an annual report that reflected their edgy brand and that visually excited rather than sent people to sleep over statistics and business goals.